Can your trade show display hold 205 pounds?

Check out our in-house test:

Here’s our in-house test of how much our portable trade show walls can hold – 205 pounds of super heavy items we found in our recent shop challenge.
We know our heavy duty portable exhibit walls are strong, but we wanted to show a customer just how much they’ll hold. We conducted an informal, in-shop challenge: we challenged staff to find heavy items available in our shop and hang them up on our 10 foot standard trade show exhibit wall. Buckets of sand, heavy routers, a fire extinguisher, and more.

While we know our walls will hold a lot of weight, we wanted to see how well they would perform if these items had concentrated weight in one place, with and without drilling into our wall’s studs. We don’t recommend hanging items like this without spreading out the weight, such as using a French Cleat, making use of the walls’ studs, or using hanger hooks for lighter weight items.

Our trade show walls remained sturdy and immovable, even with a lot of weight on them. We used our standard 10 foot trade show display configuration and place 205 pounds of items on the walls. Since this was an informal test conducted in our shop, we ran out of heavy items. Our next test will be using sand filled weights.

Here’s the breakdown of the weight:

  • Miscellaneous tools and metal parts: 50 lbs
  • Group of metal pipe clamps: 25 lbs
  • 2 buckets full of sand 50 lbs
  • 1 Gallons of paint 22 lbs
  • Spare tire 30 lbs
  • Fire extinguisher 10 lbs
  • Metal ice 10 lbs
  • Stepper motor 8 lbs

Our next challenge will be using sand-filled weight lifting weights to place on the wall, so we can exceed 205 pounds.

Here’s a fun video showing this little test.


how much weight can your trade show display hold