lightweight room dividers

Artistic, affordable COVID sneeze guards. 

Our lightweight sneeze guards provide a prettier way to deal with social distancing. They’re an easy, affordable, temporary solution to making your business look great while enforcing social distancing requirements.  

Times have been hard enough for small businesses, so we’ve engineered a way to keep our room dividers affordably priced, while looking great.

For a wrought iron look, we’ve designed each panel to consists of decoratively cut MDF, painted black, with a layer of vinyl sandwiched between. To keep costs low, we’ve done away with hinging hardware, and opted for heavy duty zip ties for connecting sections. This keeps things very simple and affordable.


Make social distancing look good!

Keep people separated indoors, or add seating areas outside. Our decorative COVID divider screens are designed to make your business look good while encouraging customers to stay safely distanced. We offer a selection of lightweight and heavyweight portable walls to choose from.  

Indoor divider walls that let light in, section off table areas for guests, look great and cost less.   Take advantage of outdoor weather by sectioning off areas for on-street or outdoor cafe-style dining to meet your state’s requirements,  or use them indoors indefinitely.   

Our products can help restaurants, salons, nursing homes, and other social businesses succeed without sacrificing ambience.     

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make visiting nicer with something

that’s protective and pretty.

Keep the good vibe going in your business with our decorative COVID sneeze guards. They’re lightweight and easy to set up. 


Our COVID room divider screens can work at nursing homes, spas, restaurants, retail stores, or waiting areas. They’ll help you create an upscale look, while helping you keep workers and customers safer at the same time.


12 screen patterns available 

Choose from several different room divider screens to work with the interior design of your business. Screens are backed with clear, washable vinyl. (Let us know if your application requires both sides of the screen to have a vinyl covering.)



Choose from 12 different styles!


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