Museum Walls

Get used to gorgeous.

Whether you’re an established major museum or a humble small town, start-up museum, Pareti’s modular, simple, elegant, and reconfigurable walls put the power of design in your hands. We can help you create truly stunning exhibits.

Our mobile walls help you create highly unqiue exhibits, too.  We give you the tools to make your space something exciting to explore.

Paint, wrap in graphics, hang items, and change it up with each new exhibit – right in your comfort zone. That’s because our walls are very much like working with real walls.

Need help with design and graphics? Our experienced design staff can assist with everything from promotional materials, graphic design, illustration, photo retouching and exhibit design.

Want some inspiration? Contact us today for a free viewbook at

enjoy unusual flexibility when it comes to exhibit spaces

With Pareti you can turn any space a gallery space. Whether you’re exhibiting in a new building, or you’re repurposing a store front, our walls make any space look amazing.

  • The Stax Museum in Memphis used our walls to create usable exhibit space in front of a large, plate glass window.
  • History museums love our walls because they’re freestanding and don’t require connections or cabling.
  • Established museums can use additional spaces for temporary exhibits, breathing new life into unused areas.
  • Create gift shop areas, receptionist windows, and exhibit entryways.

Get custom solutions

Order our standard walls, or easily customize your order to feature custom profiles, heights, and wall styles. Our talented builders can help make your vision a reality.

Our system can mold to fit your ideas, and still feature our patent pending, interlocking joinery method. Order walls bare, or have us complete all priming and graphics, so your exhibit is ready for showing straight out of the box.

What makes our portable walls different?

Customers are amazed by two things: the speed at which the walls go up, and the simplicity of our patent pending system.

Curators who have always used construction services or other exhibit wall  brands are happily surprised by how quickly and easily their floor plan is created right before them.

Our walls provide the flexibility to rethink the original floor plan at any time.

You can get creative with space

Build and design like never before! Our walls are a lot like adult-sized building blocks! You can redesign and set the walls up into an  ”L-shaped” exhibit area, create a mini exhibit areas in the center of the room which can be walked around, build longer right-angled corners for traffic flow, or create exhibit entryways to help prevent viewing the exhibit until payment is collected. There are nearly limitless ideas.

You can get creative with graphics & color

Pareti’s walls are designed to accept graphics well. The flat surface area allows you to place graphics, take them off and repaint the walls as you would with  permanent walls.

You’ll be amazed at how our portable museum walls are incredibly sturdy and feel like real walls. With stable floor plans and a tented area, our walls may even be used for outdoor exhibits and art shows.

We want to help you tell your story

Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC is a family-owned business located in the Midwest. Our products are handmade with pride and shipped all over the Continental USA and Canada.

Our extensive exhibit design experience and mad carpentry skills can help you create a portable, semi-permanent, or movable exhibit.

Contact us for a free floor plan and quote

We can help you determine the size of exhibit you’ll need, and its cost, including shipping. Contact us at

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