Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC was recently featured in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. The article, dated March 18, 2017, describes our humble beginnings, and how our products grew to offer a USA-made alternative to portable walls for galleries, museums, and commercial offices all across the continental US. (You can read the full article here.)

We’re very happy that customers love our products as much as we do!

portable walls

Portable gallery walls located at the Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in Cedar Rapids, by Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC. (Photo courtesy of The Gazette, Copyright 2017)

Our company is proof that the American Dream is still alive and well. We saw a need, invented a solution, manufactured it, and are distributing throughout the USA! Our products offer an innovative, organic solution to prefab and portable walls.

Our portable walls connect to each other universally, which provides countless ways to reconfigure different floor plans on the fly.

Commercial building customers find they can easily block off areas for building renovation, or offer portable walls for tenants who wish to take their construction investment with them when they leave.

Our customers use our portable walls for all sorts of applications, such as:

  • Museum galleries, auction houses, art exhibits, and galleries
  • Trade show displays for heavier products or meeting rooms
  • Temporary offices (with locking doors)
  • Escape rooms
  • Shoot houses
  • Customizing commercial office spaces

We routinely create custom walls with odd shapes too, such as curved walls or angled walls. Our high quality products are built to last, and are very competitively priced.

Portable Walls

Our portable walls are SIMPLE TO USE

When we say simple, we mean very simple.

We get a lot of enjoyment from watching customers instantly understand how our system works. Most customers start with a sigh of relief and an instant “I get it!” moment. Then they want to start playing with building walls. (Yes, playing – because it’s incredibly fun to have something you can intuitively and quickly build with.)

Who wants complex, difficult products with lots of metal parts? Not us – and not our customers either!

portable wallsThe company is owned by an award winning illustrator, designer, and seasoned exhibit designer – but it takes amazingly talented carpenters, R&D folks, painters, crating, and many more to keep the momentum going. Together we work as a committed team to fabricate products we know you’ll love – and nothing less.

If you’re interested in seeing some fabulous looking installations of our walls, you can view more here. Or, watch our video to see how easily our walls can turn an ordinary spaces into new places!

portable walls