The Pareti Shoot house

Create a changeable shoot house for law enforcement & military training.

If you’re using the same, old, familiar vacant building for shoot house combat training, we’ve got the element of surprise for you.

We help you make your shoothouse training tougher by keeping things fresh. Pareti Mobile Walls gives you the tools to create sturdy, changeable, interior structures for military or law enforcement training easily and quickly. Simulate real-world encounters and environments. Build office floor plans, school floor plans, and home floor plans in hours for a real-world feel in less time.

Keep the element of surprise! Our unique, patent pending design allows you to create new and challenging combat scenarios as needed.

The simplest shoothouse system you’ll ever use

Who has the time to install and learn a complex system? Our simple system makes it easy to create completely new shoothouse plans. Our easy-to-use system requires little to no carpentry experience and are ready to use right out of the box. Pareti’s 3 Minute Training Video will have you setting up walls fast.

No special carpentry skills needed! If you and a friend can lift 50 lbs, operate a drill and use a ladder and level, you can set up our walls.

Keep your shoot house always new and challenging

Reconfigure rooms, recreate realistic floor plans similar to single story ranch-style homes, apartments, or offices.  You choose the scenario, then put our pre-fab pieces together. Pareti’s simple system allows you to change your floor plans frequently, or keep them in place as long as you need.

Cut them, clamp them, paint them

Our shoothouse walls are very intuitive to set up and maintain. Since they’re made in the USA of natural materials (wood) you can drill into them, attach brackets, clamps, pictures, or even paint or wrap in vinyl. With a special epoxy coating, our walls will last longer and can be sanitized between uses.

How long does it take to set them up?

Without leveling each wall section, a basic 12 foot span will only take about 30 minutes to set up. Leveling the adjustable feet, which is largely aesthetic unless your floor surface has a serious grade, can take longer depending on your floor.


Get practice in many different kinds of scenarios by setting up new configurations designed to create new challenges.

 Prepare for combat and target identification with the element of surprise and the unexpected with a constantly changing shoot-house.

Keep your target range constantly new with a changeable shoothouse. Create new floor plans, rooms, and closets. Use your course in light or dark.

Offering a changeable law enforcement or military keeps training fresh. Create increasingly difficult courses with more complexity. Trainees and students don’t benefit from traininc courses they can memorize. Have them expect the unexpected with changable  interior spaces that keep training fresh, new, and challenging.

Watch our video to see a 12-room shoot house created in the span of two 8-hour days.

Keep the element of surprise with our  simpler, faster way to create changeable shoothouses for target identification, SWAT and police practice, and military training.

changeable shoot house

Design your own shoothouse for law enforcement, military training, or paintball recreation

Now more than ever, target identification is key to effective military or law enforcement training. We offer a great way to create a variety of floor plans to create hallways, entry ways, pass-thru rooms, closets and more, using one section at a time.

Pareti Mobile Walls can be used to create a variety of simulated environments for combative training and target identification, giving you the edge and practice you need to deal with the settings you need most.

Our walls are the perfect complement to any indoor shooting range using lasers, paintballs, or simunition. Shoothouse kits may be ordered with doors and (windowless) window openings to provide a variety of realistic floor plans. This changeable shoothouse helps you keep the element of surprise when using for combative training.

Our system puts you in charge of strategies, missions, and dead ends.

How big can the shoothouse be?

With Pareti you can go big or stay small, depending on your space. Since walls are interconnectable, you can create a small room, or an entire neighborhood floor plan. Some of our customers add to their collection each year.

How sturdy are they?

Our shoothouse / killhouse rooms are build with a ¾” plywood lattic core, offering more internal studs than standard drywall construction, but with less weight. The cladding is a ¼” MDF panel on both sides. We suggest, at minimum, square shaped floor plan for stability, however more complex floor plans may be added to create incredibly stable and long lasting structures.

How to build an indoor shoothouse

Building a shoothouse doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it affordable, changeable, and simple. Pareti offers track-less, modular wall sections which can be combined in a number of ways to create new floor plans. Each set comes with a basic floor plan, and alternative plans, to show you how to change things up for new groups or subsequent training sessions. Each wall panel weighs about 100 lbs, so they’re manageable and sturdy when set up.

These are pre-fab, modular walls with a very simple installation process. 

Walls can be combined to make many different configurations, however learning how to create stable designs is key, which is why we provide floor plans for you. We also provide a grid and template with pieces you can arrange for your floor planning.


How can you store shoot house walls?

If you don’t have a dedicated storage room, walls that are not in use can be stored by creating a storage closet of unused walls, hidden in plain sight. This way unused walls can be kept in a locked room, constructed of Pareti walls. Contact us for a floor plan – we can show you how to use a few surplus walls for constructing a fast storage area.

Can I paint the shoot house walls?

Absolutely! The walls may be ordered fully painted or covered in vinyl graphics, or left bare until you decide to paint them. If you plan to use removable graphics (such as for target identification practice) we suggest a gloss painted finish for easy removal.

You may order shoot house walls bare (unpainted), primed with flat white, or primed and painted with a finish and color of your choice. We also suggest Behr one-coat paint primer combination in grey to help hide scuff marks. This is a great way to save on additional coats of paint.

Make more than a shoothouse

With our portable shoothouse walls you can also create training rooms and offices. This is a great way to use additional space if you need to train, store gear, or review training performance. The same walls may also be used to add on to your shoothouse floorplan, since all walls connect to one another.