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Stamped with approval after passing quality checks.

Pareti Mobile Walls began as a solution to a previously unmet need: to create temporary walls to create new spaces on the fly.

We operate on the premise that change is good. We let the genius (that’s you) create spaces based on your needs, without any construction knowledge. And, as if that isn’t great enough, we make it a highly economical and sensible alternative to traditional building.

Pareti Mobile Walls manufactures easy-to-assemble, portable walls that are designed to provide the illusion and limited functionality of real walls. That’s an important difference.

Our products are

  • fast and simple to put together
  • made of biodegradable products
  • look like actual walls
  • easy to change, paint, nail into and patch (simply use clear caulk for nail holes)
  • affordable, or as rugged

You would never again have to commit to a floor plan to stay serve your purpose for the next several decades. As a contractor, you would never have to pay for building, tear-out, material waste, and rebuilding of stick-built temporary walls.

And, if you don’t like the way it looks, you simple move things around – much like adult-sized Legos.

Test set up

We routinely quality check and test set-up before shipping out orders.

portable walls ready to move