Curves Baby!

Make waves with your walls

Add the unexpected

Curved walls provide “S” curves in spatial design, and wow does it make a difference!

You’re sure to please with these amazing curves. Create wave patterns, circles, rounded 90º corners, or just an unexpected bend.

Get super creative with space

Move curved sections to create entries to galleries, or highlight specific exhibit areas.

Create unexpected spaces

Make your musuem or exhibit fun and unsual to discover by changing floor plans frequently.

Our curved walls fit into place with our flat walls. Curved walls do have a larger gap at the seam than flat walls, due to the radius, however they offer a way to create curved walls immediately – ready out of the box.

Some of our customers prefer to tape and mud the seams, others like the walls as is. Either way, our ready-to-use curved walls offer an incredibly fast alternative to building curves the old fashioned way. Contact us to discuss your radius, diameter and other specifications.