Museum exhibit ideas:

turning walls into extraordinary exhibit areas


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A reconfigurable floor plan makes nearly any museum exhibit design possible.

Imagine completely recreating your wall space and floor plan with each exhibit. Create mazes of walls, or free standing exhibits.

Museum Exhibit Design Idea #1 – Get creative with space!

If you’re struggling with a creative approach for your next exhibit, start with your floor plan to get inspired. If you’re bored with the same old space, chances are your patrons are too. Getting stuck with the same old floor plan can pose some challenges when it comes to breathing new life into exhibits. Pareti’s mobile exhibit walls offer the complete flexibility to move things around and freshen up your exhibit area, or turn empty rooms into exhibit spaces.

If you’re tired of working with your same old spaces, probably so are your patrons.

Remember how moving to a new place (even with your same belongings) feels exciting and new? That’s the same effect new floor plans with temporary walls can create for your patrons.

Because they create a sense of discovery, new floor plans can help you build anticipation and drama into your exhibit. Hallways, niches and small areas can make people get into a type of  ‘discovery mode’ immediately, which is exactly what you want in an exhibit – to build excitement!

We may not be conscious of it, but there’s a slight sense of accomplishment that comes from investigating a new space. You can take advantage of this psychological subtlety to help add drama to your exhibits. When it comes to exhibits, drama is a good thing, and over time, will ultimately help you build a reputation with your patrons as an exciting place to explore.

The ability to change exhibit floor plans on the fly provides an exciting, clean slate for creative design.  Rearranging at will allows curators and exhibit designers to keep exhibit spaces fresh for patrons. This way patrons not only get to enjoy the exhibit, but also get to experience the unexpected – an entirely new space!

Museum Exhibit Design Idea #2 – Let a splash of color bring out your latest museum exhibit design ideas

Letting the walls sink to the background used to be the museum-thing-to-do. All walls, in all museums, were painted a boring, dull white to make artwork stand out. But the unsung, common wall is now making an appearance of its own, and adding some much-needed flair. Even traveling exhibits featuring larger collections are requesting to be hung on brightly painted walls, with specific, coordinating color palettes. It works, without overpowering the artwork.

So why not take matters into your own hands with exhibits? Painting your temporary walls can provide inspiration for museum exhibit design ideas, and give you an immediate environment change. Color and a new environment will impress patrons the moment they walk into the exhibit. Visitors are drawn into an environment, rather than just passively viewing. Pareti’s mobile walls can be painted over and over, just like real walls. So you can radically change things up after each exhibit, or simply touch up for next time.

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Some creative museum exhibit design ideas using vinyl wraps, floor graphics, and color.

Museum Exhibit Design Idea #3 – Getting graphic – wall and floor graphics, and first-surface vinyl

As most exhibit designers know, you can do some pretty cool things with vinyl. Vinyl wraps, first surface vinyl and floor graphics are all fabulous possibilities for adding drama and information to your exhibit. But have you ever considered mirrored vinyl? While a bit more pricey, you can use a reflective, first-surface vinyl for a super-dramatic effect for areas like patron recognition wall ideas, or areas which will feature large, simple typography. (No paragraphs here with this material though – it’s too difficult to read for text longer than a few words, but for large, bold messages it’s fabulously dramatic.)

Pareti’s mobile walls can help you quickly transform any empty room into an impressive gallery. The same walls can be completely reinvented, both in terms of your floor plan, and the look they provide.

  • Create an entry or donation/fee area for temporary or special exhibits
  • Have portable walls double as a display, such as with donor and patron recognition walls
  • Create free standing islands and niche areas with bright paint contrasting with black and white graphics to build terrific drama for your exhibit on a budget

museum exhibit  design ideas

Museum Exhibit Design Idea #3 – This look, from a designer in Germany, can easily be done our our mobile walls. Use a mirror-type of first surface vinyl for patron walls, or walls featuring sparse text and big letters.


Museum Exhibit Design Idea #4 Use Cut-outs and 3D features to make ordinary graphics POP!

custom cut out letters for exhibits and portable walls

Cut out letters and images can really help inspire museum exhibit ideas – especially for patron and donor areas, which often lack graphics and need some interest to get attention. Pareti Mobile Walls provides cut letterforms and graphics, and can help you with design as well. Contact us for information about exhibit design, vinyl wraps, foam or MDF (wood) cut letters and graphics to help add some visual interest to your exhibits.

We constantly collect museum exhibit design ideas – if you have a great example feel free to share it by emailing us at sales@