Pop up stores

Go where the customers are with a pop up store or flash retail space

Go where the customers are with a pop up store or flash retail space

Years ago, the mention of a pop up store would conjure images of a tiny cart or small setup in the center of the aisle at the mall.

Recently, a pop up store became a common way to use temporary space to sell consumer goods direct to consumers. Their also a great tool for testing product feasibility, and conducting market research. Many pop-up store concepts are opened by on-line retailers looking for an opportunity to present their goods in person. While they have traditionally been created in existing retail rental spaces, pop up stores were short term ventures designed to exist for a few days or weeks, disappearing as quickly as they started. But that’s changing now.

A great idea

The pop up store meets the new shift from typical retail spaces, and ever-changing customer preferences

Now, the pop up store concept has expanded from pre-existing retail space to a variety of outdoor festivals and events. Both online and brick and mortar stores see these traveling venues as a way to reach out to current and new customers.

Now that online purchases offer speed and convenience to consumers, retailers need a better way to go where the customers are. Pop up stores allow retailers to control branding, and comfortably hang merchandise, then pick up and go somewhere else quickly. Pop up spaces and flash retail stores offer a way to go where your buyers are – all while keeping your branding and retail look intact.

Selling Diamonds in pop up spaces

What happens when a high end retailer needs a pop-up store to market and sell their goods at a series of events? Lugano Diamonds recently reached out to Pareti Mobile Walls for a pop up store with the durableness and quality equal to the products featured within.

Lugano Diamonds, headquartered in Costa Mesa, California is well-known as one of the finest jewelers in the world. They create stunning high end jewelry with meticulous attention to detail. Their creative team has created a line of classic and one of a kind pieces that evoke a timeless sense of beauty.

Pareti Mobile Walls has long been the first choice of galleries and museums for their display needs. Our walls are designed to look like real walls but are made for change. You can move them, store them, repaint them. They can be wrapped with graphics. Plus they are light enough for two strong people to carry and assemble, disassemble and store, and use again and again – a perfect fit for pop up stores!

When it came time for Lugano Diamonds to showcase their beautiful jewelry for customers at various locations, they reached out to Pareti Mobile Walls. Pareti Mobile Walls created a durable pop up store according to their desired floor plan, that can easily move to each event, while adding a sense of permanence at each location. The fabulous wall coverings were selected in advance by Lugano Diamonds, to create their own uniquely branded space.

Pareti worked closely with Lugano Diamonds to understand their needs, and ensure that every wall section met the needs of the final use. The customer was impressed with our variety of wall selections but also wanted some custom pieces that Pareti was happy to provide. Lugano Diamonds had specific requirements to create a branded space for their pop up store. Pareti’s design  included a special entryway, created so the customer would feel like they were entering one of Lugano’s regular locations. Kathy, the head designer at Pareti, ensured this the merchandising team at Lugano Diamonds felt at home by understanding that every small business has specific needs and stood ready to meet them.

Because Pareti Mobile Walls are designed to work in almost any location, the same walls can be on a variety of different surfaces – even outdoor locations (we recommend a protective tent in case of rainy weather). Our easily leveled feet and header system ensure that your store works in any area in any location with a final adjustment from a small wrench.

In addition to walls for a pop up stores, we also provide pedestals to showcase the items for sale or display. The pedestals come with laminate covering in the buyer’s choice of color or design. In addition the pedestals can be wrapped with any graphic. With the same leveled foot system as the walls, they work in every environment.

Pareti Mobile walls is always the best choice for any portable wall or temporary space needs. Now we reach out to the pop up store market to let you know, our design team is ready to work with you on layout, display ideas including pedestals within the store, all of which looks permanent but can be quickly disassembled and moved to every location in your selling season.

For Lugano Diamonds, Pareti Mobile Walls was the first and best choice to create a pop-up store where the quality of the setting would match the quality of the jewelry within. We stand ready to meet your pop up store needs as well.