Customers love our walls. So much, in fact, that sometimes we get cookies!

We want our customers to feel our products are the best value they’ve received in years, so we love it when we get feedback.

In April 2016 The Gilboa Museum in the Caskills Mountains in New York found us. The museum needed a way to work with their existing building. Our portable walls helped them to create a floor plan without affecting existing, permanent walls. The Gilboa Museum also used our “KTK” connection system, which attaches directly to an existing wall, and leaves only a few, easy to patch screw holes when removed.

Pareti’s KTK walls offer a very stable and easy to use method to build onto existing permanent walls. Once the KTK wall panel is installed, you simply add on with our regular panels.

Pareti gallery wall Testimonial

Pareti received a plaque at the Gilboa Museum, located in Giboa, New York.

Our walls allow you to be as creative as you like. While we can assist you with creative services, our walls’ very intuitive set up and easy maintenance allow you to be in charge.

We can never have enough photos of finished products, simply because our walls can look so many different ways. With the ability to change paint colors as needed, or add vinyl graphics, customers can truly make their exhibit walls as unique as they wish. Some customers add cladding, chair rails and more to create fun, immersive experiences for patrons!

Here are some photos from the Giboa Museum showing exhibits which use our portable gallery walls.