Pareti Mobile Walls at the future Nike / Converse Rubber Tracks Museum

Pareti Mobile Walls selected to fabricate mobile walls for the new Converse Rubber Tracks Museum in Boston. The former Rubber Tracks recording studio has been converted to a museum featuring the history of Converse. As with the former recording studio, the museum will be free to the public. Pareti was selected because our customized fabrication and installation would ensure no damage was done to the former expensive recording studio walls.

Converse shoes, which was purchased by Nike in July, 2003, is turning its Flagship Store  location in Boston into a free museum exhibit. Prior to the museum plans, Converse used this space as a free, public community-based professional recording studio. The names of bands and artists who recorded at the studio signed their names (or band logos) upon the white subway tile,  entryway walls. (They allowed us to draw the Pareti logo there too!)

To reinvent the space, Nike and Converse decided to create a museum displaying the history of Converse, which will be free to the public. The unveiling is tentatively scheduled for October 2021.

Cool things aside, this was an extremely challenging project – but perfect for Pareti’s capabilities. Here were the challenges we faced:

  • The Rubber Tracks location consisted of uniquely angled walls, windows, and small recording areas. None of the walls were a simple 90 degrees, and none of the floor plans completely matched the original architectural drawings. Yikes!
  • Specific windows were to be covered by Pareti walls, and critical areas such as smoke detectors and thermostats were to be left uncovered.
  • Our measurements included special 7 foot walls which had to go under a doorway, then through to another room, which was completely made of angles!
  • All specifications and designs were made sight-unseen via Zoom calls. Both Nike and Converse employees tirelessly spent hours with us as they measured and re-measured, then measured once again before we left for Boston.

The set-up expertise and experience of Pareti staff was invaluable for this project. We have a great deal of experience when it comes to making a tight fit in an existing space, even with challenging angles! Pareti’s ability to fabricate to spec in our facility, and deliver the finished product on-site, ready for installation made this project fast and clean – and without any damage to the expensive sound-proof walls and existing sound studios. This gives Converse the option to convert back to a sound studio if they decide to do that in the future, simply by removing the walls. We provided the backdrop, and with the legendary creative genius of the Nike / Converse creative staff, the exhibit’s design is sure to please museum goers. In a town full of museums and expensive entry fees, the Rubber Tracks museum will no doubt be a busy attraction!


Pareti completed the entire installation, transforming the space in 48 hours. This included add-on requests, such as moving various items, or creating spacers in areas where needed. That means we had time to see Boston and enjoy the fare!


The Rubber Tracks Museum will be located on Lovejoy Wharf, which is near many other attractions, such as amazing Italian food, bakeries, and one of the oldest seafood restaurants in the northeast. 

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