Keep patrons coming back with new, exciting places to discover. Turn boring rooms into interesting spaces. Paint or apply graphics as you would real walls. Rearrange as often as you like, or store for later.


Images courtesy of the Museum Center at 5ive Points, Cleveland, Tennessee

Pareti Mobile Walls help you to make the most of your exhibit space by offering a simple, fast solution to creating new exhibits and floor plans.  With Pareti Mobile Walls, you can:

  • Turn boring spaces into interesting places to discover
  • Transform an empty room into a maze of museum artifact display areas – in minutes
  • Give museum space a dual purpose – exhibit areas, then back to other purposes such as meetings or events
  • Create interesting pathways or design focus areas to emphasize certain areas.
  • Create hallways, walkways and clear exit and entry points
  • Create feature areas and easily section rooms for vignettes, quiet spaces or media rooms
  • Change the color of your walls with paint, vinyl graphics – over and over again if you like
  • Remove sections to create smaller exhibit areas, and store unused panels
  • Change your mind, design on the fly
  • Make last minute alterations to your exhibit’s floor plan
  • Add interest to your museum by offering a different floor plan with each exhibit
  • Set up an entire 30′ x 30′ exhibit area in less than an hour
  • Create an exhibit are that looks and feels like real walls
  • Leave the exhibit up permanently or take apart and store for later use

museum at five points

Breathe new life into your exhibits

Keep museum visitors coming back by creating new experiences as often as you want. With Pareti Mobile Walls your museum’s interior can constantly change. Create an entirely new visitor experience simply by rearranging your walls, painting them or applying new graphics.

You are the designer and the builder.

Our portable walls are just like using adult-sized building blocks. They are simple to set up, easy to disassemble and rearrange. Our walls help you make the most of any space. Assemble our portable walls as you like, walk through, and rearrange if necessary. Design and redesign as you wish.


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