The Benefits of Temporary Wall Panels

The benefits of using temporary wall panels for your business

Whether you just landed a great space for your business, or you need to create a meeting area on the shop floor, using temporary wall panels might be your best option.

Temporary wall panels for your office or workspace can bring several benefits and advantages that can positively impact your workspace and business operations. Here are some compelling reasons to consider:

  • Flexibility: If your business frequently changes in team size, departments, or workflow, temporary wall panels offer the flexibility to adapt your space accordingly. They can be easily installed, moved, or removed, allowing you to reconfigure the layout as needed.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to permanent construction, temporary wall panels are generally more cost-effective and faster to arrange than using traditional construction (and design). They save on construction time, labor, and materials, making them a budget-friendly option for partitioning your office space. You also keep your investment if you move, rather than leaving it with the building.
  • Quick Installation: Temporary wall panels can be assembled and installed much faster than traditional construction methods. This means less disruption to your office operations during the installation process.
  • Privacy and Productivity: Portable wall panels provide a level of privacy for employees, helping to reduce distractions and improve focus, concentration, and productivity in an open-plan office layout.
  • Aesthetics: Temporary wall panels come in various designs, colors, and finishes, allowing you to choose options that match your office’s existing decor and aesthetics.
  • Temporary or Short-Term Space Needs: If you’re in a temporary office space or require a short-term partition solution, these panels are ideal as they can be easily removed and leave little to no damage behind.
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  • Collaboration Spaces: Temporary walls can be used to create designated collaboration areas or meeting rooms, fostering teamwork and encouraging employee interactions.
  • Noise Reduction: High-quality temporary wall panels often have acoustic properties that help dampen noise transmission, creating a quieter and more conducive work environment.
  • Sustainability: Many temporary wall systems are designed to be reusable and eco-friendly, contributing to a greener office environment and reducing waste.
  • Compliance and Safety: Temporary wall panels can be engineered to meet building codes and safety regulations, ensuring your office space is up to standard.
  • Lease Flexibility: If you rent your office space, temporary wall panels can be advantageous since they can be installed without causing damage and can be easily removed when you move out.
  • Testing Office Layouts: Temporary walls allow you to experiment with different office layouts and configurations without making permanent changes, helping you find the best setup for your team’s productivity and workflow.

Purchasing temporary wall panels for your office provides practical, cost-effective, and flexible solutions to partition your space. With an investment you can keep, you will also improve privacy and collaboration, enhance aesthetics, and adapt to changing business needs.

At Pareti we’ve seen businesses make the most of their space. It’s worth considering to optimize your office environment and make it more conducive to your team’s success. Contact us for a quote!

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Not all temporary wall panels are equal – here’s how to know what’s right for you

Purchasing temporary wall panels can be expensive, so it’s important to weigh the odds to be sure they’re the best fit for you.

  • Sound Isolation: Pareti Mobile Walls do reduce noise transmission considerably, however they will likely not offer the same level of sound isolation as permanent walls. We find most normal ‘inside voice’ conversations are muffled. If you need total sound-proofing keep in mind that no matter how much insulation we provide, the walls still have open ceilings and gaps at the floor from leveling (unless trim is used at the bottom of the walls).
  • Stability and Durability: Not all temporary wall panels are stable, durable, or capable of holding items like televisions, shelving, or heavier products. Based on our years of installations, Pareti’s sales team can help you determine the best floor plan for your application. Even with years of reconfiguring and tear-down/set-ups, our walls stand the test of time.
  • Aesthetics and Professionalism: While not all temporary wall panels are capable of looking like real walls, Pareti’s temporary wall panels can achieve the same high-end look as permanent walls. This can be done by ordering graphics from Pareti to cover seams, or by hiring a professional drywaller to tape and mud seams. While you’ll have the additional expense of taping and mudding, you’ll save time and maintain you construction investment by going with Pareti.
  • Installation and Disassembly Disruption: While temporary walls are quicker to install than permanent walls, their assembly and disassembly can still cause some level of disruption to office activities. This may be a concern for businesses that require continuous operations. However, Pareti’s temporary  walls are extremely fast to install. They’re also made to be simple, so even those with no prior construction knowledge can assemble them.
  • Limited Customization: Other temporary wall panel companies do not offer customization. Pareti Mobile Walls offers complete customization, allowing you to design curves, triangular sections, triangular walls, “Y” shapes, and much more. We can also custom build conduit within your walls, allowing you to have both data and power wired through the walls easily.
temporary wall panels to cover windows
  • Building Regulations: Most national codes will allow temporary wall panels without an inspection, provided the walls are not attached to permanent walls, and are moved every 90-120 days. Local codes can vary, however. Depending on local building codes and regulations, there may be restrictions on the use of temporary walls in certain spaces. Always ensure compliance with local authorities before installing them. In some cases your local building codes may require special flame retardant. Let us know what codes you need to meet, and we’ll do our best to help you comply.
  • Resale Value: For businesses that own their office space, installing temporary walls might not add value to the property in the same way that permanent walls do. Potential buyers may prefer traditional construction for its permanence and reliability. That said, when using Pareti Mobile Walls, unlike permanent construction, you can take your investment with you wherever you go. You can also re-sell the walls or donate them. In some cases Pareti can find non-profits with no budget for repurposing them for a good cause.

  • Potential Damage: While temporary walls are designed to minimize damage to the existing structure, there is still a possibility of scuffs, marks, or minor damage during installation or removal. It’s a fact that just like moving furniture, sometimes walls can scuff items, or items can scuff the walls. The good news is, that just like real walls, Pareti Mobile Walls can be easily repaired – in most cases, much easier than it is to repair drywall.

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