sneeze guards for kids and schools

Covid Sneeze guards for kids and schools

Back to school is going to be a scary time for kids and parents, which is why we’re introducing Covid sneeze guards for kids and schools.

We’ve designed playful looking sneeze guards and barricades that will fit around kids’ desks and limit air flow. These are free standing, lightweight sneeze guards, which feature a clear vinyl backing.

Many of us at Pareti have kids as well, so we designed these to help elementary school kids follow social distancing guidelines more easily.

Each panel connects with black zip ties for easy installation. No hinges or hardware to help keep pricing low.

Lightweight and easy to set up

Our sneeze guards for kids set up just like decorative room dividers. They are easily separated so you can combine other sections, or add or remove sections.

  • Vinyl adhered to the back side of the COVID screen prevents air flow from passing through. Standard size is 4 feet tall with a 36″ front section and two 24″ side sections.
  • Black zip ties are used in place of hardware and hinges to keep pricing as low as possible.
  • 4 mil clear marine quality vinyl is used, depending upon availability. Some substitutions may be necessary.
  • Vinyl is glued and nailed into place between the outer frame and decorative wood panel.
  • Combined weight of all three panels is about 20lbs.

For more information, contact us! Or call 866.339.1009 for sales. Quantity discounts may apply!

Let’s make this a bit easier for kids!

This can be a scary time for kids, and a very difficult time for teachers! Teachers will be spending an inordinate amount of time getting kids to comply with social distancing. Let’s all help to make this a bit easier.

Our COVID sneeze guards and barricades a work with kids’ imagination to help encourage them to stay socially distant while in the classroom.

Our screens for schools do more than simple plexi-glass sneezeguards do – they make things fun! While generic acrylic sneeze guards serve a function, our sneeze guards will still be fun for the longterm. 

What are they made of?

It’s our goal to create an affordable product that helps your business. Our COVID sneeze guards and barricades are cut from 1/4″ MDF. They’re painted with a black Rustolem paint or black interior paint, depending on your application. Then, clear vinyl is applied to the back, and sandwiched between an outer frame.

Please note that similar to decorative room dividers normally used indoors, our COVID screens will likely not last longterm in rainy and snowy weather. This is why we suggest you order with a Rustolem coating, to help them weather longer than uncoated MDF if used outdoors. 

How do I order?

Contact us at or
call 866-339-1009 (option 1 for sales)
and we’ll get your order going asap!