Photo courtesy of the Stax Museum, Memphis, TN, showing our temporary walls in use. 

Let our reusable portable walls come to the rescue!

Our portable, storable exhibit walls are designed to provide flexibility to curators and operations managers. If temporary or traveling exhibits are frequently displayed at your museum, you’ll find the walls easy to use and cheaper than ongoing on-site construction for each exhibit.

Our portable, reusable portable walls are clean, quiet and fast to assemble. Depending on the size you’ll have your exhibit space together in an hour or two – without the noise, construction mess or high costs of tearing-out and rebuilding your exhibit areas over and over.

You don’t need to be a pro to maintain our reusable portable walls

In addition to easy set up, our walls are easy to maintain. Just like real walls, they can be painted, papered or have graphics applied. But that’s where the similarity stops. Our temporary walls are lighter and more durable than regular drywall, and can be set up quickly  – sometimes in less than 30 minutes – by two adults. So let our reusable temporary walls come to the rescue to help you with your temporary exhibit needs!

You don’t need to know anything about carpentry to use our walls. They simply slide together!

Use common tools like a level, small wrench and an 8 foot ladder. If your walls will be stored  or standing in one configuration for a long time or will be exposed to heat or humidity, we suggest a carpentry clamp (which you can get at most hardware stores) and a rubber mallet. View the full installation instructions here.

Our walls allow you to:

  • Create rooms inside of larger exhibit areas
  • Section off areas from the public for exhibit set-up
  • Create admission areas for temporary exhibits
  • Create special meeting or event areas using a portion of your exhibit or meeting space
  • Make the most of your exhibit space

Contact us today for a brochure which shows the different configurations you can achieve with our standard set, as well as pricing information!

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