Moveable, mobile walls – portable walls

Moveable, mobile walls - portable walls

Moveable, mobile walls – portable walls make a real difference in your exhibit area. Set up quickly and change your mind if you want to.

Pareti Mobile Walls are moveable, mobile walls designed for portability, ease of use and simple storage. Our walls are rugged, and designed to be used over and over.

At only about 50 lbs per panel, Pareti Mobile Walls set up easily. That’s because our moveable, mobile walls are designed for portability Our walls allow you to follow a floor plan, or make changes on the fly. Our patent pending moveable wall you set up quickly without the aid of carpenters or architects.

Museum curators describe these as being like ‘adult-sized building blocks’. In many cases the actual set up is faster than many curators can measure and mark where the walls go.

How do our portable walls work?

Pareti Mobile Walls set up quickly and easily with no construction mess.

Our portable walls are comfortably carried by two adults. Once walls are aligned in place, wooden tabs (called Joiners) are placed within pockets in the side of each wall or section. The walls are then scooted together. This process is repeated with each section until the end of the wall. Pareti Mobile Walls offers “T” shaped or “L” shaped ends to provide a counter balance. Each 12-foot section of portable wall begins and ends with a “T” or “L” shaped end.

Pareti moveable, mobile walls – portable walls are different because they are designed to be portable.

Our walls are provided unpainted, with a very smooth (MDF) surface. They can be painted again and again or have vinyl graphics placed on them. Our walls are designed to be used again and again, and are best suited for places which will build, tear-out, and build new walls – such as exhibits, museums, temporary spaces during construction, or spaces which need privacy easily and quickly, such as in-plant offices, triage rooms, ticket collection entrances, and more.

You’ll find our walls add incredible flexibility to your exhibition projects. Once used they simply pull apart for storage. Create entire rooms, kiosk areas, focus areas and more – it’s all up to your imagination.