Save up to 75% Off During our Summer Clearance Sale!

20% off paint/primer combo finish new walls

Take advantage of our Summer Special on new walls! Get 20% off white, paint/primer combo finish, or select a tint from Behr’s One Coat selection, or Valspar tinted paint/primer combo. Offer good on all orders placed before July 31, 2021.

5% off new walls

Get 5% off any new order placed before July 31, 2021. This offer is in addition to our paint/primer combo special!

50% Off on Factory reject walls

If you’re looking for new, but usable walls that didn’t pass our QC steps, now is the time to save BIG on portable walls until they’re gone!

  • Save on odd-width walls from 18″ to less than 48″
  • 120º angled walls
  • Curved walls
  • “L” walls
  • Imperfect walls which may form larger seam gaps than normal

Save 75% on already discounted prices!

Used and possibly abused, but functional – great for covering with fabric!

  • Used & Decomissioned walls
  • Pass-thru doorway wall section
  • Unusual profile walls with rectangular cut-out areas (made for low-hanging HVAC areas)
  • Formerly (local) rented walls 

Save 50%, 60% and 75% or more* on the good, the bad, & the ugly!

Some are gorgeous, but were the wrong size. Others are rough and used, but still functional – Great for covering with fabric or for temporary installations! Get one or two, or start a whole museum exhibit!
*Take 75% Off Already Discounted Walls on some items!

All orders are first-come, first serve

Use our portable walls outside

Create a solid floor plan, add a tent and some wine, and you have an a awesome fundraiser or art show event!

Create a story

Give your library a twist by turning a favorite story into an experience for kids – just as this library did with “Where the Wild Things Are”