Submit your best photos of your Pareti Mobile Walls in use to be entered in our photo or video contest!

Winning is SWEET! Take your best photos of your Pareti Mobile Walls in use in your exhibit or event, and we’ll enter you in our contest for a well-deserved treat!

Send your photos to

Go with your existing exhibit, past exhibits, or even current Halloween-themed!

Show us how YOU use our walls. Your photos help other customers understand how Pareti Mobile Walls work, and how they’re used – we appreciate that so much we’d like to treat you to something special!

How to Enter:

Send Pareti photos or videos of your exhibits using Pareti Mobile Walls!
Anyone can win! You don’t need to be a photo pro!

🎃 Spine-Chilling Prizes 🎃 As Halloween approaches, we have some tantalizing prizes for the most chillingly captivating photos:

  • 1st Place: A $50 Starbucks Coffee Gift Certificate
  • 2nd Place: A $30 Starbucks Coffee Gift Certificate
  • 3rd Place: A $20 Starbucks Coffee Gift Certificate
HURRY! Contest Ends: October 30th, 2023
Winners Announcement: Halloween 2023!

If you have any questions or need more information, please reach out to

Cheers to a Spooktacular Halloween season filled with treats and enchantment – for grown up kids!

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Details you need to know: Your photos will be used on the web, social media, and other printable items to help customers understand the use and potential uses for our walls. (Faces of people in photos will be blurred. If items on display must be attributed to the creator, please let us know so we can specific any attribution.)

No need to be a professional!

Just use your phone or a camera if you prefer. Videos are also accepted if you prefer a walk-around. Take a look at some past submissions!

Check out some submissions from last year:

flatscreen rolling walls

Take photos with or without people. (Unless specific permission is given to use people’s likenesses, we’ll blur their faces).