Pareti Mobile Walls in Iowa State University’ CIRAS News magazine

Pareti Mobile Walls look great, but they’re also incredibly strong. In addition to more asthetic uses, our walls perform very well as shoot-house / target identification rooms for military and police training.

Pareti was recently featured in CIRAS News magazine about a recent military contract for our shoot house / target identification rooms.

In addition to more delicate venues like musuems, Pareti’s mobile walls offer an extremely competitive option for target identification training spaces. The intuitive assembly makes recreating various floor plans very simple, and the strength of our walls holds up to rugged use.

Pareti supplied alternative designs for both military and police training facilities.

“The military, especially, sees continuous turn-over of commanding officers,” said Kathy Kyle, Owner and Founder of Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC. “Pareti’s products offer a truly simple way for new soldiers and officers to quickly assemble new floorplans as needed. Commanding officers were particularly excited about our 3-minute video and pre-planned floor plans.”

Read more about Pareti’s Shoothouse products here.

Pareti’s shoothouse concepts can recreate floor plans for shopping mall stores, schools, offices, meeting rooms, closed-door offices, and simulated windows and functional closets. Shoot house or police training can use the floor plans in the light or dark since Pareti’s walls are extremely robust. Shoot house walls may be coated with a special epxoy paint for long life, easy cleaning, and better simunition resistance. The police training shoothouse is not only used for target identification, but actual CSI training for participants to do crime solving.

Kyle, who’s father was a sniper for both the Marines and a big-city SWAT team, feels that police training is more important now than ever.

“When my dad was on the SWAT team, they practiced as often as possible. There is no room for error when there’s a hostage situation, or a shooter.” She stressed that police also need to remain calm in extrememly stressful situations.

“It’s all about deescalation if possible. The arrest warrant can wait. There’s NEVER a need to shoot someone in the back, shoot someone in their own home when they’re compliant, or taze someone who is running away. Police who react like this need training to keep adrenaline under control. We’d like to think we have a hand in helping police practice for these scenarios.”

Kyle compares police and military training to the way Micheal Jordan practiced basketball. “It’s every day, and sometimes boring practice, but that kind of routine made Jordan an all-time great. We expect the same from America’s Finest, because we entrust them with keeping our communities safe.”


Covid has created a tremendously challenging time for many (if not most)  businesses and employees. We wanted to share this positive message as a way to help other business owners remain creative and optimistic during this difficult time – especially as the new Delta varient threatens more lockdowns.

CIRAS News is a magazine published by the Iowa State University Center for Industrial Research and Service.