COVID Sneeze Guards

Look good, stay distant, and spend less. Our super cool COVID sneeze guards and barricades help encourage social distancing.

Pareti offers financing

Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC now offers financing for purchases over $2,000. Find out how to apply today!

Hang items on portable walls

You can do more with our portable walls – like hang heavier things! Our portable walls allow you to hang items like small shelving, flat screen televisions, small cases and more. It’s easy with our intuitive system! Call 866-339-1009

Office Partitions

Office Partitions Move your walls like furniture as your business grows. Portable walls can be a great investment for your company’s partitioned workspaces. Unlike permanent construction, portable walls can be moved to new locations, or repurposed into different...

Pop up store

Pareti offers the perfect solution for pop up, moveable retail stores. Create a dramatic, customizable space with your unique branding and feel.